This grandma has won hearts across the internet!

A Brisbane grandmother’s tireless campaign to keep young women safe is going viral.

Kathy Raydings’ door-to-door service has helped thousands of people, including some of Queensland’s most famous faces.

She’s the grandma driven by maternal instinct to get “as many home safe as possible”.

On her recently set up Instagram account, she describes herself as “I am Grandma Uber getting Brisbane girls home safely.” However, it’s not just the girls, she’s driven to ensure everyone who rides with her is safe.

But if that isn’t enough, Grandma Uber supplies drinks and even bakes brownies for her passengers to make sure they don’t go hungry on the way home.

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In the past seven months, Ms Raydings has driven more than 5,000 young women across Brisbane and the Gold Coast home safely.

“There are horrendous stories, I’ve heard it so many times from my riders,” she told 7 News.

“They should be able to go out, have their great night out and not have the stress about coming home and who’s going to pick them up.”

One passenger, Amy O’Farrell, was touched by Ms Raydings’ efforts and decided to spread the word about ‘Grandma Uber’ on social media, attracting almost 5,000 likes in 24 hours.

“It’s fun and it’s nurturing and she helps you with your life,” she said.

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The social media campaign soon had celebrity endorsement.

Singer Amy Sheppard from indie-pop band Sheppard managed to hitch a ride.

“Once I had her I was like real excited, got a selfie with her and I was like thanks, she got me home safely,” Ms Sheppard said.

Grandma Uber’s phone has not stopped since and, just one day after undergoing back surgery, she was back on the road.

My awesome boys ethan patrick & matty awesome ride home. Love u guys Love grandma uber xxxx

A photo posted by Kathy Raydings (@grandma_uber) on

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What a fun night love the girls

A photo posted by Kathy Raydings (@grandma_uber) on

Awesome uber ride with @amysheppardpie shes super cool #grandmauber

A photo posted by Kathy Raydings (@grandma_uber) on

She is also recruiting for her own fleet of Uber grannies. Will you be joining her?