Think economy class is bad? Wait till you hear this thrifty idea!

Holidays are expensive, and most travellers are eager to snag a bargain. Now airlines have released a new ticket category, unofficially know as ‘last class’.

Passengers who brave last class can expect to find their seats closer together, and will be placed closer to the toilets. Their seats will also be in noisier areas of the plane, such as down the back or near a kitchen.

Last class tickets also have next to no flexibility. Budget passengers will be charged hefty additional fees if they need to cancel or reroute their itinerary.

Special requests such as window seats, checked-in baggage and in-flight meals may also attract extra fees for last class passengers.

Though the term ‘last class’ is not official, it’s being used in the aviation industry to refer to tickets which are one grade below economy class. Aviation experts say last class needed introduction, to compete with budget airlines such as RyanAir and EasyJet.

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“Last class exists because the airlines are a business,” explained Phil Derner Jr, from industry website NYCAviation. He added sometimes these cheap seats are “not much more than a park bench”.

For travellers on a budget though, last class might be a welcome option. Every dollar counts when it comes to planning a holiday, and last class tickets might help you reach your destination!

Would you travel on a ‘last class’ ticket? Do you think braving smaller seats and chancing extra fees is worth the trouble?