There's a new trend in swimwear, and it's a bit terrifying

Sun block, hat, and sunglasses not cutting it?

We’re in the last month of winter, which means that sunshine and warmer day are just around the corner. 

Aside from all the good things we look forward to in spring and summer, like barbecues, picnics, ice cream, and being able to walk outside without your extremities turning black and dropping off, all Aussies know that danger lurks in the sun’s soothing, warm rays. 

Yes, as enjoyable as it is to feel the sun on your milky skin and bask in the warm light after a bitter winter, we’re well versed in sun safety. 

The sun is damaging, and can burn and even result in skin cancer. Because no one wants to risk that, we all “slip, slop, slap”. Slip on a t-shirt, slop on some sunscreen, and slap on a hat. Finding some shade and wearing sunnies is also well advised. 

However, the Chinese have taken sun safety a step further, coming up with a swimwear design that will not only protect the precious skin on your face, but also potentially guarantee that you get the whole of Bondi beach to yourself as everyone runs, terrified. 

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Introducing the “Facekini”, the full faced swimsuit that makes it’s wearer look like they’re from another planet!

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On Twitter the bizarre garments have been dubbed “China’s most terrifying swimwear trend”, and are being laughed at by others around the world. 

These are already popular in China, where skin colour is often considered representative of socio-economic status, and pale skin is particularly desirable, but they are expected to hit Aussie beaches this summer. 

While most see the humour in the odd looking masks, others are unhappy that they are not receiving that same amount of flack that the “burkini” – a full length swimsuit with head covering to protect the modesty of Muslim women – did last summer.

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In fact, France controversially went as far as banning the burkini from beaches! 

What do you think, genius, or ridiculous?