The Russians have some interesting theories about the royal baby....and think Kate faked it!

In some very bizarre news indeed, there are some conspiracy theories going around that involve the Duchess of Cambridge and her new baby girl.

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Russian newspapers have gone into overdrive speculating on whether or not the baby that we saw on Saturday evening Australian time was in fact a newborn.

In articles published in Komsomolskaya Pravda, some believe Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana was born several days before the birth was officially announced.

Various claims from various Russian women in the pro-Kremlin publication say that they believe the birth was carefully orchestrated, with some even suggesting that a surrogate was used to carry the baby and that the Duchess of Cambridge wore a fake pregnancy belly, reports the

The Russian paper reported one woman saying: “She gave birth three days ago. They reported it only now. Look at the baby – she does not look like a newborn at all”.

Another woman suggested that: “If she really gave birth naturally, it was surely some days ago”. Do you agree?

We published an article after the birth asking if you thought Kate was a modern day Wonder Woman and most of you were in awe at how she could be out of the hospital that quickly, let alone looking as beautiful as she did.

One of the more radical conspiracies behind the almost impossible stunt was that the Duchess was wearing a fake belly. “It was a surrogate mother who gave birth but not her”, they said.

Olga Perovskaya, a Moscow-based gynaecologist, described the Duchess’ appearance as a “heroic deed”, but advised women not to leave hospital so soon after giving birth.

“In our country an average mother leaves the maternity hospital in three or four days if everything is all right,” she said.

“Of course it is risky. A crowd of people is not at all a sterile environment – she could have caught a virus flying around”.


Are these claims farfetched or could it have been possible for Kate to have been pampered? Do you think that perhaps little Princess Charlotte was born days before and Kate had in fact been in hospital getting the all clear and preparing herself? Tell us below.