The rules stopping stopping today's kids from having the same fun we used to

Think back to your school days and all the fun you used to have.

From ball games to hop scotch and all the great arts and crafts you used to, we really did have it good.

But according to an opinion piece in a NewsCorp publication, today’s kids aren’t having as a great of a time as we did.

And it all comes down to the silly rules being imposed on them these days.

Remember making pasta necklaces at school?

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Well, it appears some kids aren’t allowed to do that.

NewsCorp reports that one childcare centre in New South Wales has banned crafts using pasta because it shows kids that is “okay to waste food”.

Egg cartons and toilet rolls have also been banned as craft items in some schools, due to fears of allergy and E.Coli.

Seems odd that we used them as kids and nothing happened to us.

Also on the banned list at some schools across the country is hugging, hand holding, birthday cakes (because some kids might be allergic) and ball games before and after school.

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Some playgrounds have a roster system to stop kids from bumping into each other and hurting themselves, while some schools have opted for silent cheering instead of clapping.

Apparently that’s to “avoid upsetting kids who are sensitive to noise”.

And if you want to have a birthday party, you better hand out invitations to everyone in class – or you won’t be allowed to do that either.

It’s enough to make you ask, where has all the fun gone for kids?

What do you think about this? Do you think it’s taking things a step too far?