The plane that could save thousands: Would this put you at ease?

A detachable plane cabin doesn’t sound safe but in actual fact, it could be a lot safer than the current design of an average commercial aeroplane.

Engineer Tatarenki Vladimir Nikolaevich has been working on the design for three years and has created a prototype that consists of a detachable cabin (or capsule container) that can be ejected at any point in the flight — from takeoff to landing.

He claims it is the perfect idea to ease nervous flyer’s fears – the capsule could make “surviving a plane crash possible”.

Vladimir Tatarenko unveiled the patented concept, and told LiveLeak, “While aircraft engineers all over the world are trying to make planes safer, they can do nothing about the human factor”.

The demonstration shows how the cabin can detach at any time throughout the flight, including takeoff and landing, and, with the help of parachutes, safely land on water or ground.

And your luggage would be safe too – the capsule would include the undercarriage of the plane.

The aviation engineer claims 95% of people he questioned said they would be happy to pay more for a flight on such a plane if it meant their life could be saved in the event of an accident.
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Of course the design isn’t without some quirks, and some have picked up on the fact that the pilots are not included in the detachable capsule.
Over 2,000 people have died in plane crashes since 2012, so this new technology could potentially save thousands of lives.

Check out the video that explains it below and share your thoughts.