The once popular products of our generation are on their way out of fashion

If there’s ever a time to reflect on how the times are changing, it’s the end of the year.

But just how much have things changed when it comes to what we buy at the shops and the products we use at home?

Well, a new report by Euromonitor has looked at the products and brands we buy and it appears some once popular products are on their way out of fashion.

Remember when every bathroom in every house you visited had a bar of soap?

A bar of soap was a staple part of many’s people grocery shopping list.

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But that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

According to Euromonitor’s survey, bar soap sales have fallen 18% in five years, with just 15% of Aussies between 18 and 24 using it.

Instead, your grandchildren’s generation are using body washes and shower gels and liquid soap dispensers in their bathrooms.

And that’s not the only product on a downward trend.

Once popular foods are also facing decreasing sales.

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The gravy cubes and powders you would have once used to make a delicious gravy are also on the way out.

Sales of those products have dropped 20% in five years.

Remember having lollipops as a treat as a kid?

Well, it appears they are also less popular nowadays.

Sales of lollipops have fallen 17% in two years.

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Meanwhile, dairy dessert such as custards, YoGos and Yoplait have fallen by 15% in the past five years.

So, what’s driving the change?

You guessed it, the younger generation!

Melbourne University online consumer psychologist Dr Brent Coker told the Herald Sun millennials, such as your grandkids, had different preferences and behaviours which were sending items you might have once bought out of business. 

“A lot of these products just aren’t necessary anymore,” he said.

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“For example, younger people might not like using serviettes because they don’t like sitting down at the dinner table. It’s not a formal ritual anymore. It is grab food, have it on your lap and watch Netflix on your iPad.”

Can you believe we could one day live in a world where kids don’t know what a bar of a soap is?!

Do you still buy these products regularly? Would you miss them if they disappeared off the shelves?