The lunatic lengths one man went to while killing a spider

What lengths will you go to, to get rid of spiders from your home?

Not many of us are fans of creepy-crawlies. Rather, most of us have a real fear of some kind of creature, be it spiders, snakes, or even cockroaches.

But would you let arachnophobia get the better of you?

One man in the US wasn’t letting a spider get the better of him.  In fact, it’s believed he took to some spiders living under his mobile home with a propane blowtorch.

It seems to be have done the job, and some. His whole mobile home went up in flames. 

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The Tuscon fire department is investigating the incident, and an elderly woman sustained minor injuries when she was carried out of the caravan by her son, reported BBC News

He’s not the first to have done that though. A man in Seattle set fire to his rental home trying to kill a spider back in 2014 with a can of spray paint and a lighter. 

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Bugs and other insects have been the cause of many other types of accidents too.

Automotoportal reports  that over a million car accidents in the UK each year are caused by rogue bugs. However, there’s an old classic story from the US about a woman who jumped out of her car while she was driving, after finding a spider on her shoulder. The problem was, her child was still in the moving car.

What’s the funniest reaction you’ve had to spotting a creepy-crawly (now that you can laugh about it)?