The genius way of hiding your valuables while travelling

Sometimes it takes a life hack to keep your valuables safe.

If you have lost your valuables during a holiday, you’ll know how that can ruin your wonderful experience.

While keeping everything in the safe can be the best option, there have been cases where hotel safes too could not protect valuables from thieves.

What can we do?

The trick is to hide and camouflage your products with things that are inexpensive — a shampoo bottle.

Whether it’s an empty shampoo bottle or spice jar (for campers), these are everyday items a thief is not going to give a second glance.

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All you need to do is clean the bottle out thoroughly before adding your valuables. You can also put your items in a Ziploc before securing them in the bottle.


To reuse a spice jar, first empty and clean out the jar. Then paint the inside with glue and add spices or herbs again to coat the jar and give the appearance it is still full. Discard the extra herbs, put your stash in a plastic bag and insert into the jar. Done!

Do you have any other tricks?