The game changer set to revolutionise your grocery shopping

It seems every day there’s talk of a new competitor entering the supermarket wars.

You’ve read the headlines about the new shops supposedly coming to Australia – and now there’s another one that’s got everyone talking.

But this time it’s not so much about the brand of the shop.

Instead, the talk is all about the technology and how it could revolutionise they way you shop for your groceries.

Remember when they bought in those sometimes frustrating self-serve checkouts?

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Well, Amazon is opening a new grocery store of its own in the US next year – and there won’t be any checkouts at all!

That’s right, the first Amazon Go store won’t have any check-outs, card transactions or even bagging!

All you’ll need to do is scan your smart phone when you walk into the shop, buy what you need and leave.

Described as “a bricks-and-mortar” supermarket, many believe Amazon Go will completely change the way we grocery shopping and many are speculating when the supermarket stores will start popping up in Australia.

It’s certainly enough to make you wonder “what they’ll think of next”, and some fear it could be the beginning of the end for the humble cashier or ‘checkout chick’.

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In the meantime, Amazon’s online store – selling just about anything – is about to ramp things up in Australia.

The retailer enters the Australian market in September next year, and has already promised to sell everything at a 30% discount.

Apparently, Australians already spend as much as $700 million per year but bringing their warehouses to Australia will take the weeks and weeks of waiting for deliveries out of the equation.

NewsCorp reports that analysts predict Amazon’s arrival in Australia will take $4 billion worth of business from stores such as JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman.

In fact, one Amazon employee reportedly said during a briefing that the company was going to “destroy the retail environment in Australia”.

The world really is a changing place, it’s hard to believe in your life time you’ve gone from the good old days of chats with the cashier at the supermarket and putting your groceries in brown paper bags to this.

What do you think about this? Is it taking technology too far?