The attraction in San Marino [Backpacking over 60]

This is the tenth instalment of Libby’s journey backpacking through Europe with her husband… To read her previous post, click here

The next morning we were on the road nice and early, heading south. We drove off the highway and this particular time it wasn’t such a good idea – we ran into lots of roadworks and it was mostly 50 kms/hr. We did get to see a lot of the countryside and the houses reminded me of the houses that were built in QLD in the 80s. They were two story brick with a verandah out the front. We then obviously drove through a more affluent area – the houses or units were very modern paint all colours of terracotta and were just picture perfect.

We were heading for the principality of San Marino high on a hill with high walls turrets from a distance, it looked very imposing. We stopped at a garage to buy some petrol and I went inside to pay the bill. It was crowded with men of all ages drinking coffee and playing cards: as I entered and the whole place went quiet. They were all staring at me I felt really uncomfortable and immediately made a retreat! I gave the money to my husband; he went inside and not one person took any notice of him! Maybe women aren’t allowed in garages? I guess we will never know unless someone can enlighten me?

San Marino is quite awe inspiring; the views go forever. No one would have been able to get within coo-ee of this place without being seen. It was really interesting looking through this castle; there were things there from the 1500, and most still in working condition.  As you walk down from the castle there are shops and restaurants all along the road, and again lots of people: generally just enjoying themselves.

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As we sat enjoying a cuppa and something to eat a young lady walked down the hill and she was wearing a very skimpy bikini and a see through top.  She actually looked amazing; all mens eyes were on her.  All the women were horrified to see but it didn’t seem to bother her; she just kept going, and hopped into a little sporty car and drove off.

It was time to hit the road again we needed somewhere to stay the night!


What are your thoughts about Libby and her view on men overseas? Have you experienced this before abroad? Tell us below!