Telling someone 'I love you' for the first time is a big deal

Do you remember the first time you told the significant other in your life that you loved them? It might have been something you said bursting with passion or you could have been so nervous your mouth was dry and sweat was beading your forehead. What about the response from your loved one… Remember that?

Rejected lovers have taken to Reddit to reveal some of the worst responses they ever received when sharing the three little words for the first time, and some of them will give you a good laugh.

When asked ‘What is the worst response to ‘I love you’?’ user Zelfie10 replied: “Aww, that’s sweet.”

While user Shlaaap said their worst response was, “Haha, cheers.”

The responses wide varying — from “Please don’t say that” to “I’m sorry you feel that way”, users told tales of how the special moment in their romantic lives was somehow crushed by the object of their affection.

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But perhaps the most unusual was from user Pigboywonder720 who shared a tale of woe.

“I was dating a girl for about two weeks and she had been telling her friends that she loved me,” the user wrote.

“She brought it up to me and I told her I did not quite feel the same way. After leaving her house that day, she said ‘I love you’ and without thinking I said ‘I love you too’. After realising the mistake I made I turned around and said, ‘Wait, no I don’t.”

We can’t imagine that went over too well…

Tell us about the time you first said ‘I love you’. How was it received? Was it what you expected?