Tell us what you want from the Budget so we can tell the Government

“I just want a budget that is fair and fixes our country”, one of our community members wrote on Facebook yesterday. Is this what you want too? Fair is different to everyone, and that is why we have drawn together the Starts at 60 Federal Budget Survey to better understand what over 60s want from the Federal Budget in 2015. Which big issues do you think should rise to the fore and which should fall away?

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When the Budget was released in 2014 and for months afterward, many over 60s complained about how terribly it served their needs. From every direction it seemed that seniors had to cop change on the chin for the sake of our country. Wealthy Australians and pensioners alike were to foot the bill for policies and schemes that served others. And there was no one to stand up and represent them truly knowing their position, and disregarding all politics who could say “This is what over 60s want from the Budget and their country”.

This year that could all be different, because here at Starts at 60 we have asked you, our community, to tell us what you think about the big issues in the Budget, and how you would like the Government to tackle them. With a month to go until the big day, it is not too late for the Government to learn what you think about the big issues.

So we ask you to take our survey below.

Your entry could win you a $100 gift voucher for Events Gold Class Cinemas.