Tell Kevin over 60s think it's time... here, today.

It’s becoming insulting.  No matter which side of politics you sit on, no one is winning from the current avoidance of an election date.  Sure, Kevin appears to be the general winner of delay and non-discussion  with his polling numbers continuing to rise every week.  But are they rising at a cost to the real economy?   Today, we want you to “Tell Kevin” it’s time for an election (or it’s not time if you feel otherwise), and we’re going to share your voices with him, personally.


In recent weeks, companies across the country have announced job cuts widely.  A quick Google search shows NAB speak of over 3000 cuts, Peabody Energy have cut more than 450, Aurizon (formerly QR National) announced $130M in labour cuts, and companies like Bluescope, Telstra, Rio Tinto, Newcrest, Australian Defence Apparel, Stockland, and many many more are all cutting back publicly voicing their changes. Government spending is largely frozen in caretaker mode, and consulting companies everywhere are waiting for commitment to future projects that will no doubt be delayed until a new Government is formed.  While they wait, staff get more an more concerned about job cuts.


But as time ticks on and Kevin Rudd smiles as he scrapes back points in the polls, it seems an election date is not a priority at all.  Moving forward as a nation is not as important as holding tight and hoping for polls to continue rising. I don’t understand why not.  And it is not political.

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In the business, employment, retirement savings and real economy, time ticks on… with the whole country on hold waiting for Kevin to break the silence. Meanwhile we get footage of Kevin and Therese visiting troops in Afghanistan, avoiding an election in August by not being here to talk to the Governor General.


Do you think we deserve an election date and a decision making opportunity in this country of ours that has been in perpetual election campaign since January?   Do you think we deserve the ability to get on with things before the G20?


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But can we do anything about it?  No, maybe… Yes! We can use our voices…?


Do you want an election in a hurry?  Do you deserve to have your vote?  Tell us if you think there should be an election sooner rather than later or later rather than sooner… We’re going to  send your responses to Kevin Rudd personally… so be sure to leave a comment so he knows what you think…  Only He, as our Prime Minister, has the power to call an election… But We as his constituents have the ability to communicate with him.