Team Australia wins its first medal in Rio

Go Team Australia! Our men’s archery team has just won a bronze medal at the Rio Olympics – the first medal for Australia in the Games so far and the first ever medal for our archery team.

Taylor Worth, Alec Potts and Ryan Tyack defeated China 6-2 in a nail-biting competition on day one of the Games.

The men were clearly ecstatic with their medal, pulling each other in for a big hug when it was all over.

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Meanwhile, in the pool, sisters Cate and Bronte Campbell and teammates Madison Wilson and Brittany Elmslie have already broken an Olympic record time in Rio with their 4x100m relay race.

The ladies proved Australia has what it takes to go all the way to gold in the finals and said they were so excited to make everyone back home proud.

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“You’ve got to rise the occasion when Australian needs you,” Brittany told Channel 7.

Cate, who swam the last leg, said the atmosphere at the venue was “electric”.

“It’s so exciting on the finally starting to swim we’ve been waiting so long and to finally get that first one of the blocks is awesome.”

We’re wishing the ladies good luck in the finals and a huge congratulations to our archery team!

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