Susan Sarandon's question on burkini ban sparks social media debate

She’s no stranger to speaking her mind on Twitter, but this time Susan Sarandon’s opinion has divided her fans.

The actress has spoken out about France’s ban on the burkini, re-tweeting a Daily Mirror article about the issue.

If you haven’t read the article, it focuses on a mother-of-two who was surrounded by police on a beach in Nice where the burkini has been banned.

She was reportedly fined the equivalent of $55 and “forced” to remove her burkini.

So what about Susan Sarandon’s reaction is causing such a commotion on social media?

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In her tweet, she said “Women forced 2 conform to dress code to make the point that women “forced” 2 conform 2 religious dress code not ok…?”

Susan Sarandon Tweet

The question has divided her Twitter followers, with one accusing the actress of not highlighting the treatment of women under Islamic Law.

“sure, highlight this. But I don’t see you highlighting the treatment of women under Islamic law. Do you even care,” he wrote.

Tweet against

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One of her French fans was also critical of Susan Sarandon’s stance, explaining the ban from his point of view.

“it’s a way of thinking, different to the usa, your country was formed to allow religious people to do what they want,” he wrote.

“now it’s islam turn to adapt too, we respect all religion, but it should not get out of home and temple.”

Tweet against 2

Other fans have spoken out supporting Susan Sarandon, and condemning the ban.

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“I like your use of “Women forced” in the end those women gets trapped if not by men now by the state,” one follower wrote.

Tweet support

“it’s just pure shame!!! STOP dictating women what to do with their OWN bodies, the world is obsessed!!!,” another wrote.

Whether you agree with her or not, Susan Sarandon’s tweet is sure to make you think about the ban.

Do you agree with Susan Sarandon? Is France’s burkini ban ‘forcing’ women to conform to a dress code?