Susan Sarandon's daughter opens up about "traumatic" accident involving her newborn son

Susan Sarandon and her daughter Eva Amurri. Source: YouTube

Becoming a parent, whether it’s for the first or third time, can be a nerve wracking experience.

Do you remember all the things you felt after giving birth?

Well, if you’re a mother you’ll be sparing a thought for Susan Sarandon’s daughter Eva Amurri, who has revealed a terrible accident that happened to her newborn son in November.

On her blog, Happily Eva After, Amurri revealed she’s struggling with depression, guilt and struggling to trust others with her son Major after a nurse dropped him on his head and cracked his skull in hospital.

“A couple of days after Thanksgiving, our Night Nurse fell asleep while holding Major and dropped him, and he cracked his head on the hardwood floor,” she wrote.

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“Kyle and I were sleeping at the time and were awoken by the sound of his head hitting the floor, and then hysterical piercing screams.

“He suffered a fractured skull and bleeding on his brain, and was transported by ambulance to Yale Medical Center where I spent two harrowing days with him to receive emergency care and further testing.”

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has reached out with words of comfort or to share their own stories the past 24 hours. It is so moving to know there are so many of you who are wishing our sweet boy well, and who are rooting us on as a family. I'd like to say one thing, which is that Parenthood is not a competition. Nobody gets an award at the end of all of it for doing it the best or most perfect way. All that matters is how we make our children feel, how we feel about them, and how we feel about ourselves as parents. To those who have expressed judgement, cruelty, and criticism of me, my choices, or my fragility during this time- I'm not going to justify myself to you. But I sincerely wish that 2017 brings you enough self love and confidence that you no longer feel the need to tear down another person during their darkest moment. ❤🙏🏼✨ Peace, please. Xx EAM

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It’s an incident that would put many mums on edge, and while Major has recovered well, Amurri admits she’s still “traumatised” by what happened.

“Even though I finally made peace with the fact that this freak accident could not have been avoided by me, it has continued to effect me to my core and in all aspects of my daily life,” she wrote.

“It’s nearly impossible for me to trust anyone but myself to take care of Major now. We definitely don’t have night time help anymore, but it has only been in the past week or so that I have felt comfortable with somebody coming during the day to help me with him so that I can complete normal tasks and work responsibilities.

“Hearing Major cry hard immediately triggers my memories of the moments after the accident and instigates an immediate panic attack– my heart races and tears spring to my eyes. Sometimes I get dizzy spells. I feel nauseous and overwhelmed and even small discomforts he has make me anxious.

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“My appetite has decreased to nothing, I have a hard time getting to sleep after night time feedings, and my milk supply goes up and down depending on the stresses of the day. 

“Any time we are near an edge or a ledge, I fear that he will fall, somehow, and be hurt again. Just last week, we were on the second floor of a Starbucks, and I sat there panicked and frozen as I imagined Major falling from my arms over the edge of the banister and on to the floor below.”

Major Boy is #TwoMonthsOld!! 💙 Our little chubby pup has officially "unfurled" in to the world! He loves smiling and cooing in the mornings, napping with his face squished in to Mamas chest (no matter how many times I unsquish it), sitting in his bouncy chair and watching Big Sister play, Christmas music (obvi), Boobs, sticking out his tongue, and pushing up to look over our shoulders while being held. He is a sweet mixture of snuggly and curious, and is so patient. He gulps his milk down extra fast, and if anybody needs a chin, Major has a few to spare! 😂 We are so besotted with our sweet little man, especially Big Sister who has officially declared him her Best Friend. Our hearts are so full. Happy Two Months, my littlest love! ✨👶🏻✨ #HappilyEvaAfter #MajorJames #Newborn #NewbornPhotography

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For any of us mums who have suffered post-natal depression or watched our daughters go through the same thing, it’s a situation we can relate to.

What advice do you have for Eva Amurri as she copes with this?