Study shows you might not pass a driving test

It has been a stereotype for a long time that older drivers are not safe drivers. While for the most this is a highly inaccurate statement; there is some new statistics that actually back the stereotype.

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A study conducted among Queensland drivers has shown some interesting results. The big reveal of this study is that people over the age of 35 had problems passing the standard driving test. This lower rate was steady until the next sharp decline once people became 70-years-old.

One of the main reasons according to the experts is that the pressure mature drivers feel trying to pass the test isn’t felt among drivers under 25. Master Driver trainer, Richard De Cent told the ABC that drivers under 25 have “slightly less fear because they have less experience as to what could potentially go wrong”.

When it comes down to it this study was about passing a test and not about how good of a driver you are. While the younger folks might be better at passing the standardised tests, the number of accidents between age groups are very different. Over a quarter of road accidents are credited to the 16-24 demographic.

Steve Spalding from the RACQ said that it might actually be a big benefit for people to get their licenses later. He told the ABC, “If someone can delay their licence for a few years at least it allows them to add some maturity into what is already a demanding task”. He then added, “I think it’s fair to say as we mature we do make more careful decisions, we do think a bit more before putting ourselves in a risky situation.”

What do you think? Do you think that you could pass a driving test today? Do you think that you have become a better driver as you’ve gotten older? What is your biggest concern on the roads today? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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