Strange 'Grease' theory put to rest by creator

Fan theories about your favourite movies can be fun. Some even come out as true by the creators of the material years later. Grease is one of those magical movies that has captured the hearts and minds of people since its first release in 1978.

One fan, however, thinks that the film is a lot darker than originally thought, and their theory is pretty sound. The theory that Sandy is actually dying and we are witnessing the last moments of a coma fantasy. It seems far-fetched until you look at their “evidence.” First is from the song Summer Lovin’ where Danny says that while they were at the sea-side he “saved her life, she nearly drowned.” The theory says maybe she did. As the likelihood of the two ending up at the same school, having bigger and more grand musical numbers. The biggest part of the theory is the end of the film after Sandy and Danny get in the car and for some reason, the car flies towards the heavens. The theory says that this is Sandy going off to heaven.

Puts a bit of a damper on things doesn’t it? Well, fear not! Grease co-creator Jim Jacobs who wrote the original musical with Warren Casey told TMZ that “Sandy was very much alive”. It also argues that there is an official sequel to the movie where Sandy’s cousin comes to Rydell High, and there is no mention of her dearly departed family member.

Fan theories are not new, as one of the most popular ones is that James Bond is actually a code name allocated to different men and not one actual individual. Makes sense when you consider the adventures in different decades the character has had.

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So while a lot of fan theories get endorsed or even adapted by creators, this Grease one is going on the rubbish heap. Though this kind of fan theories still add a very creative element to these films decades after their release.

What is a great theory you have about your favourite film?