Stars pay tribute at Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds funeral

It’s the sad day that’s been dreaded by many for more than a week now, but finally beloved Hollywood greats Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds have been farewelled.

Instead of a big public spectacle, Fisher and Reynolds have been farewelled in a more quiet and intimate way – something many of us can relate to with our own funeral wishes.

A small memorial service was held at the family home for 125 of the mother-daughter pair’s closest friends and family, according to reports.

Some of the biggest stars in Hollywood attended including Meryl Streep, Stephen Fry, Jamie-Lee Curtis, Star Wars creator George Lucas and Meg Ryan.

And there was some heartwarming moments too, according to one source.

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Apparently Meryl Streep gave a moving eulogy and sung Happy Days Are Here Again, while Fisher’s daughter Billie Lourd spoke about losing her mum and grandma.

Several other stars also read tributes, including Stephen Fry – according to the Daily Mail.

“The only things missing were Carrie and Debbie,” one of the mourners told People

“Debbie would sit in the corner, and everyone there would come up and pay homage. Even the biggest stars were starstruck by her. 

“Carrie would walk around barefoot with a can of Coca-Cola, making sure everyone was having a good time, saying the funniest things you’ve ever heard.”

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You might remember reading that the pair would be buried together?

Well, that’s set to happen today at Forest Lawn-Hollywood Hills.

It turns out Fisher has already been cremated, so some of her ashes will be put in her mother’s coffin.

Their special bond will live on after death.

How beautiful is that?! Have you ever thought about what you’d like your funeral to be like?

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