Someone has reported the Queen to police for this. Yes, really

It's not even clear that the Queen was actually breaking the law.

Police around the world are accustomed to time-wasting calls, but this one has to beat all.

A person in the UK has reported the Queen for failing to wear a seatbelt as she was driven in the official car to the opening of parliament this week. Yes, really. 

Even more strangely, although the official occasion, and her car, was in London, the report was made to the West Yorkshire Police in the far north of England. And it was made via the 999 emergency number. 

As the BBC noted, it was a pointless call because UK law doesn’t allow civil or criminal proceeds to be brought against the Queen. As a result, even the long-suffering police were surprised by this one, pointing out that the Queen’s ‘offence’ wasn’t committed anywhere near West Yorkshire.

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That said, the Twitter account of the West Yorkshire Police’s contact centre gives the impression that misuse of the 999 number is a common thing in the area.

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This one should probably be an automatic disqualification.

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The force’s desperate pleas for residents to stop using the emergency line are interspersed with tweets advertising its online reporting system – tweets that are clearly going ignored.

The BBC says that UK law dictates that a seatbelt must be worn if the seat being used is fitted with one, and pictures of the monarch and Prince Charles in the vehicle on the way to parliament don’t appear to show a seatbelt. On official functions, the Queen gets about in a Bentley State Limousine, which Bentley made for her 2002 Golden Jubilee.

Just two of the cars exist and are worth almost $20 million each, with armoured glass and bodywork, Kevlar-reinforced tyres and the ability to turn the interior into an airtight cabin should the royal ride come under a gas attack.

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That said, Queen Elizabeth is very happy to drive herself around, and was pictured just last month driving herself home from the Windsor Horse Show.

Have you ever had to make an emergency call to police? What are your thoughts about people who waste time on emergency lines?