Shopper finds something disgusting in his Aldi rice

Just as Jay Byrne was ready to drop some egg-fried rice into his curry, he smelt a ‘rancid’ smell and peered into the packet.

He had a nasty shock when he ripped open the packet of Bilash Egg Fried Microwavable Rice, and found his Aldi egg-fried rice was covered in green and blue mould.

Jay said that he called Aldi’s customer service department and was told that he would be refunded the price of the rice if he presented a receipt, which he no longer had, reports The Sun.

Photo: YouTube.
Photo: YouTube.

The sell-by date on the rice was September 2017 which is why he was surprised to find the contents already rotten.

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“Needless to say Aldi’s microwavable rice is off menu for good,” said Jay who bought the from Aldi in Altrincham, Greater Manchester.

“I still have this rice well wrapped up, you cannot really appreciate its rancid aroma in all its intensity until you have a lung full of it.

“It is absolutely shocking and a disgusting mess.”

Luckily, we’ve had mostly wonderful experiences in our Aldi here in Australia!

Would this stop you from buying packed meals?