Shocking video shows vicious Australian road rage attack

Police are urging the public to come forward after video emerged of a violent road rage attack in New South Wales yesterday.

Dwayne Pillidge shared the video to the Facebook group Dash Cam Owners Australia.

“This is after the woman in the front car was tossing things from her window at his car,” the caption reads.

“I don’t care what your reason, it is not ok to hit a woman.”

The footage shows cars stopped at an intersection.

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A woman stands on the passenger side of a ute, arms folded as a man in a yellow t-shirt approaches her.

The incident took place while stopped at an intersection. Image: Facebook

As the man moves closer, they appear to exchange words. Then the man punches the woman in the jaw and her head jerks backwards.

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The woman’s head jerks backwards as she is punched. Image: Facebook

The woman returns to her vehicle and the man begins to walk away; the woman’s car is then put in reverse as it swerves towards the man.

He manages to avoid being hit, but his troubles are far from over.

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The man jumps aside to avoid being hit when the car starts reversing. Image: Facebook

Since being posted to Facebook on the afternoon of July 24, the post has garnered more than 1,700 shares and 4,000 comments – many of which are questioning whether the incident is even more horrific because it was a man punching a woman. 

It’s been spread far and wide across social media and news outlets, and it seems even the woman who was punched found the video and began commenting. The comments from the woman have since been deleted, but not before someone grabbed a screenshot.

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“I smashed his window he should of hit me harder,” [sic] the woman writes, followed by several laughing emojis.

“I was throwing nails at his car … then threw a chisel at his car and smashed his car window,” she writes about the lead-up to the incident, suggesting that the man had been affected by steroids.

The woman allegedly had a baby in the car when this happened, and other comments suggest she began throwing the items because the man was “doing 50 in an 80 zone”.

According to, the police “are yet to receive a formal complaint from the alleged victim” despite having been contacted by the woman in the video.

News of this attack comes just one week after a study from Monash University Accident Research Centre revealed that up to 86 per cent of Australians admit to driving aggressively.

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The study shows that 18 per cent of drivers in the Australia-wide survey admitted to deliberately chasing other drivers in order to intimidate them.

Doug Fryer, Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner, called the statistics “absolutely frightening” and urged drivers to remember that they are “sitting in two tonne of steel”.

Police are asking anyone with information about the incident to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

You can watch a copy of the full video below: 

Have you ever been (or felt) threatened on the roads?