Shock and horror: Bubble wrap to be silenced

It’s the world’s favourite packaging, and not because it’s colourful or even because it’s attractive. No – bubble wrap is a simple product, one that provided endless hours of entertainment since its creation in 1960.

We may have played with it as a child, or even given it to our kids to pop, but either way, it’s an icon and one of the great inventions of our era.

Since its inception, no longer did our packages’ contents move around freely, prone to damage or, God forbid, breakage. We just couldn’t imagine a world without that clear roll of poppable circles.

But now, we might have to, or at least see an alternative version that has none of the charisma of the old one.

Introducing the new bubble wrap by Sealed Air… a new design that comes in sheets that can be inflated on arrival to their destination. This means that instead of popping when pressed, the area will simply move into another chamber within the sheet.

Thanks for nothing, Sealed Air!

But before we get too ahead of ourselves, Sealed Air tweeted support and care for its loyal customers and bubble fans:

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It’s seems we’re not alone in enjoying the feeling of popping the bubbles, there’s even a Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day! And if bubble wrap really does get the chop, there will always be the digital version.

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