Shane Warne says political correctness turns people into “boring robots’’

Shane Warne might have a point that you can agree with.

Shane Warne is never far away from controversy but this time he might have people supporting his opinion. Warne says Australia risks becoming a nanny state if people stick to political correctness too much. He said the rush to criticise could result in sporting and public figures becoming “boring robots’’ devoid of opinions to avoid upsetting people.

“We have to be careful about being too PC on every single little thing,’’ Warne said.

“Australia is the best country in the world, if it is allowed to be.

“Don’t muzzle people, don’t (verbally) attack people, don’t be too PC about absolutely everything, don’t be a nanny state.

“If people overstep the mark and it is really bad, nail them, but if it is not really that bad then just let it go.

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“I just think if we do get too PC about everything, if we are too quick to judge, scrutinise, nail, kick the boot in, lay into people because they do one little thing that really isn’t that bad, people will shut down.

“And suddenly you get these boring robots in every walk of life, that we don’t like and then we whinge.’’

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Warne said people needed to be able to enjoy themselves, share opinions and ideas, and have some fun without being too harshly judged or taken out of context.

“They (people) want to watch characters, they want to see people, they want to see emotions, they want to see passion,’’ he said.

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“They want to see that stuff and if we are not careful our sportsmen, everyone, our people, will just say the right thing.

“You will never know what people really think about something because they will just say what people want them to say, and what they want to hear, because then no one will criticise them.’’

Do you agree with Shane? Is Australia becoming a nanny state? Where do you draw the line between honest and just racist?