Senator explains why he opposes Life Gold Pass changes

Liberal senator Ian Macdonald. Source: Australian Labor Party/ YouTube

Politician’s expenses and privileges have become a real talking point amongst everyone here at Starts at 60.

So it’s no surprise that Malcolm Turnbull’s announcement on Tuesday about scrapping the Life Gold Pass had widespread support.

But it seems not every politician is backing the move.

One Coalition senator has explained why he opposed the move and it’s got a lot of people angry on social media.

Long-serving senator Ian Macdonald told the ABC he argued in the party room that someone has to defend the politicians.

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“Someone has to start arguing for politicians, arguing for parliamentarians, saying why they’re there,” he reportedly told his colleagues.

“Most parliamentarians, well those on this side, would have done infinitely better financially staying in their legal practice, staying in their business, staying in their veterinary practice, staying in their jobs they had before.”

He even told the ABC he plans to oppose the bill being put forward by his government.

Senator Macdonald said he wants former politicians to be able to have their say.

“They’re entitled to what was agreed upon in legislation 20 to 30 years ago and it should not be taken from them,” he told the ABC.

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“No legislation that is retrospective should ever be adopted by this Parliament.”

Similar concerns were also reportedly aired by Liberal MP Warren Entsch.

Under the current Life Gold Pass rules MPs who retired before 2012 are entitled to 10 business-class airfares in Australia each year.

It’s being reported that scrapping the Life Gold Pass will save $5 million over five years.

What do you think? Do you disagree with Senator Macdonald?