In case you missed it, the Rio Olympic Games has come to a close and with the ceremony came the handover to Japan for the 2020 Tokyo Games.

Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe made a show-stopping appearance when he turned up dressed as iconic game character Super Mario, setting the tone for what you can expect in four years.


As with most countries, Japan leaned heavily on its national stereotypes… video games!

In the 2-minute broadcast, Abe’s physically transformed into the Nintendo mascot, Mario when he realises he will be late to Rio’s ceremony. He chooses to swap bodies with the video game hero, a skill some say he did not emphasise during his election campaign to become the country’s PM.

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Sprinting through the streets as the tiny plumber, he is then joined by a clue cat known as Doraemon, who presents him with a green pipe — the means by which he can burrow through the Earth to reach Brazil in a mere matter of seconds.

The country has a reputation for its technological innovations across the world, so you’d hardly be surprised that the handover to Japan at the Closing Ceremony in Rio gave a glimpse of the high-tech projects that will wow you.

However, that’s not all Tokyo will be about. You’ll also be exposed to the athletes, the sporting prowess of the country, the history and famous landmarks. You’ll just have to wait four more years to see it all.

What was your highlight from this year’s Olympic Games? How do you think Tokyo will perform as the host in four years? What do you think we will be exposed to in its Opening Ceremony?