Scientists may have just solved The Bermuda Triangle mystery

The Bermuda Triangle is a place shrouded in mystery. Over the last hundred years, 20 planes, 50 ships, and 1000 individuals have gone missing in the same area between Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico.

Now Norwegian scientists claim they’ve ‘cracked the case’. They have discovered a series of underwater craters beneath the Barents Sea in Norway, which they believe could be replicated throughout The Bermuda Triangle too.

“Multiple giant craters exist on the sea floor in an area in the west-central Barents Sea”, explained scientists from the Arctic University of Norway. “(Craters) are probably a cause of enormous blowouts of gas”.

According to scientists, these craters could be at least 1 kilometre long and almost as deep. Gas emanating from the craters is thought to “burst” into the ocean above, damaging ships and causing chaos at the water’s surface.

“The crater area is likely to represent one of the largest hot spots for shallow marine methane release in the Arctic”, scientists added. They will reveal more specific details about their discovery at the annual meeting of European Geosciences Union next month.

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Previous research has linked The Bermuda Triangle with craters and gas explosions. “The Bermuda Triangle is a consequence of gas hydrates reactions”, researcher Igor Yelstov theorised last year.

“(Explosions) happen in an avalanche-like way, like a nuclear reaction, producing huge amounts of gas”, Mr Yelstov explained. “That makes the ocean heat up and ships sink in its waters mixed with a huge proportion of gas”. A gas explosion reaching nuclear heights could potentially affect plane equipment and safety, too.

It’s certainly a remarkable idea, which could explain The Bermuda Triangle mystery once and for all. We can’t wait to hear what further details will be revealed!

Are you fascinated by this latest discovery? Do you think craters and gas explosions could explain a lot about The Bermuda Triangle?