Sara Connor's lover pens letter to dead cops' widow

Sara Connor's British lover has penned an apologetic letter to the Balinese cop's widow. Photo: YouTube.

Australian mother-of-two Sara Connor and British DJ David Taylor will this week stand trial in the Denpasar District Court over the alleged murder of Wayan Sudarsa. Mr Taylor, who has confessed to bashing the police officer’s head, wrote a letter to Mr Sudarsa’s widow saying: “I really cannot believe that my terrible actions may have contributed to the taking of another life”. But Ms Ketut Arsini told Fairfax Media she could not forgive the couple and says her husband could still be alive if Sara Connor had sought help instead of leaving Mr Sudarsa and returning to the Kuta homestay where the couple were staying.

Ms Connor denies any involvement in the killing and claims she was trying to intervene in a fight between Taylor and Mr Sudarsa in order to help the police officer. However, Ms Arsini said Ms Connor was making excuses. “If she is such a good person, why did she leave my husband like that? If she was really trying to help, if she got help, maybe they could have saved (him). They just left him, he was found much later. No good person would do that. That’s just her excuse.”

In the letter, Mr Taylor said it had taken him a long time to find the courage and strength to write to Ms Arsini.

“I never thought in my life that I would be anywhere close to such a horrific situation as this,” he said in the letter, which was written in both English and Indonesian.

“I have been waking up crying every morning for many days now but I cannot imagine the pain and suffering that you and your family must be feeling in this time. I will never throughout the rest of my days come to terms with this and it will haunt me until I myself am taken from this life.”

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Ms Arsini said her first impulse was to rip the letter to shreds when she knew who it was from. “But I said to myself, if I do that, I won’t know what the letter says, so I calmed myself and read it.”

She struggled to convey how it made her feel, shaking her head and holding her chest until she was calmer. “I still want to rip the letter, I want to rip it. I can’t forgive him. We can’t forgive him. Whatever they are saying, that it was an accident, they didn’t mean it are all just excuses.”

Ms Arsini said she was “kind of expecting” an apologetic letter from Connor after receiving the letter from Taylor. “But now, I don’t need it. I’ll just want to rip it anyway. Don’t bother with a letter to apologise. I can’t forgive them. The law will take care of them, for what they did.”

According to SMH, Mr Taylor has admitted to bashing Mr Sudarsa with binoculars, a smashed beer bottle and a sharp object but not to killing him. The two were brawling on the sand after Mr Taylor tried to frisk the police officer and accused him of stealing Ms Connor’s missing handbag. Ms Connor and Mr Taylor both face charges of unpremeditated murder, group attack or assault leading to death, which carry a maximum penalty of 15 years in jail. 

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