Samantha Armytage's surprise support for non-PC kids' activity

Little girls love doing gymnastics and similar exercises. Is pole dancing taking it too far?

A segment on Channel Seven’s Sunrise this morning had not only hosts and guests on the show divided, but now has the internet divided too. 

The issue is an advertisement that’s been making the rounds of Facebook, which News Corp columnist described on Sunrise as “creepy” for featuring little girls.

It’s easy to see how she drew this conclusion, given the ad is for a home pole dancing kit, intended for use by adults.

The ad for the GymPole features a video where little girls perform routines on the poles, including moves that most people would expect to see in a strip club. 

Herald Sun columnist Rita Panahi argued that pole dancing still carries connotations of “gentlemen’s clubs”, and using little girls to promote such a product is not okay. 

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“You know what, pole dancing originated in strip clubs,” Panahi said. 

“At the moment, it has those connotations so I just think it’s a little bit creepy to have twin girls wrapping themselves around the pole.”

Sunrise host Samantha Armytage disagreed, arguing that it is just a sport, like gymnastics. 

“But don’t you think it’s just like watching them do gymnastics?” Armytage asked.

“I don’t find that creepy.”

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“If it becomes an Olympic sport one day then fine,” Panahi replied. 

“But at the moment it’s something that happens at a gentlemen’s club that scanty clad women having bills stuffed in their G-string – if they still have it on.”

On social media, the company has been accused of exploiting children and “feeding into a paedophile culture” with the “inappropriate” ad. 

So, is it exercise, or is it creepy and inappropriate?