Russell Crowe gets revenge on magazine for bizarre dating rumour

Russell Crowe
Russell Crowe has been wrongly linked to another Australian star, again.

He’s supposedly dated a number of high profile Australian women, and now Russell Crowe has slammed a New Idea report claiming he is dating Australian singer Delta Goodrem. 

New Idea’s latest issue, has embeded an image of the stars on their front cover, announcing that they were, ‘together at last’.

After spotting the very misleading headline, the Gladiator star took to social media to clear up the rumours with a hilarious tweet. 

Crowe sent Goodrem a public tweet to find out what was going on in their ‘relationship’. 

The 53-year-old apologised to his “other Australian magazine lovers” on social media.  

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“Hey @DeltaGoodrem, anything we should talk about?” Crowe tweeted. 

“Want apologise to @TerriIrwin, Sophia Forrest, the unnamed Mexican companion and all my other Aust Magazine lovers. Seems I’ve moved on.”

Goodrem was quick to respond,”Oh you only just heard the news?! haha!! .. wait, wasn’t i married to my friend @seal or has that ended??”

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The 33-year-old singer has also supposedly dated Seal and Hugh Sheridan. 

Terri Irwin even joined in, claiming her “magazine heart” was broken, as Crowe and Irwin are continuously itemised in gossip magazines

“Crikey, @russellcrowe. My magazine heart is broken! Perhaps more creative writing will help. I can’t wait to see what we’re all up to next!”

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It’s not the first time Crowe has taken to social media to clear up dating rumours, and despite his hilarious responses, the Hollywood star is sick of it. He followed up his funny tweet with a serious message about the impact gossip has on its readers. 

“Regular, trusting, well meaning people read those magazines, and they are given no respect.”

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In October, Crowe caused a social frenzy when he was pictured with a brunette woman in Mexico, who was in fact his assistant. 

What do you think? Did New Idea go too far this time?