The one thing the Royal Family are banned from eating

The Royal Family at this year's Trooping the Colour.

You’d think being a member of the Royal Family entitled you to eat whatever you damn well pleased but apparently it turns out there’s one thing they’re banned from eating. 

Believe it or not, the Royals are forbidden from ordering any shellfish when they eat out. 

The reasoning behind the shellfish ban comes down to the potential risk of food poisoning – and anyone who’s ever had a bout of that caused by some dodgy prawns would know exactly why that would make it very hard to meet-and-greet in the manner expected of the monarch and her family.

Despite imagining the Royals chowing down on epic seafood buffets, sadly, it seems this is the one drawback from being born, or marrying into, royalty. 

And shellfish isn’t the only thing they’re not meant to eat – the Royal Family are also allegedly told to not consume rare meat or tap water when they’re abroad. 

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This is apparently because handlers don’t want them coming down with any kind of stomach bug that may interfere with their busy schedules. 

It’s been said the Queen always observes the tradition but some of the younger Royals apparently throw caution to the wind and eat whatever tickles their fancy. 

Do you have to stick to any dietary restrictions?