Royal insider makes predictions for Harry and Eugenie's 'relaxed' weddings

There will be some big differences between both weddings.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle aren’t the only royal couple getting married this year, and they will be joined by recently-engaged Princess Eugenie and her partner Jack Brooksbank.

But while they’ve both chosen the same venue, a royal insider has revealed the ceremonies are expected to be very different.

Harry and Meghan will marry on May 19 at St George’s Chapel, inside the grounds of Windsor Castle, while Eugenie will marry her long-term love in the same venue a few months later. A date for their nuptials is yet to be confirmed.

The Queen’s former press secretary Dickie Arbiter has now shared his predictions for both wedding ceremonies with News Corp, and they could be very different, the Daily Telegraph reports.

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He believes Eugenie’s will be a lot less grand, while Harry and Meghan may choose to ride a carriage, like his brother Prince William did after his wedding to Catherine in 2011.

“Any wedding is a big event in the public eye. A bride goes past in a car and people stop to look,” he told the publication. “But Harry and Meghan’s will likely be a bit different because of Harry’s place in the public eye.’’

When asked if Harry and Meghan will ride a gold carriage down the road for fans to catch a glimpse of them from the street sides, Arbiter admitted there’s “no reason why that shouldn’t happen”. He even joked that “maverick” Harry may leap out, but it’s unlikely with his bride beside him.

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While the Queen and Prince Charles will pay for Harry and Meghan’s big day, the Queen and the Duke of York will pay for Eugenie’s, he claimed.

Arbiter explained that while both weddings will be grand affairs, the security at both is likely to be less than Prince William and Catherine’s, as the grounds at Windsor are more closed off.

Meanwhile, Arbiter has predicted Eugenie’s ceremony is likely to see a “lot more celebrity friends” in attendance, according to The Sun, as she’s not restricted by as many rules. She’s extremely popular in the London social circle too.

He does however predict that both ceremonies will be relaxed, to match Harry and Meghan’s personalities too. While Meghan’s family are expected to fly from America, it’s likely that Prince Andrew will walk Eugenie down the aisle in front of her nearest and dearest.

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Are you looking forward to seeing both couples get married?

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