Robots "invade" popular shopping centres this Christmas

They’re here! There is no stopping them, and now they are here taking over the shopping centre! Ok. It might be as dramatic as that, but the fact is that the idea of robots helping you out while you shop is now a reality.

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Stockland shopping centres in Sydney and Melbourne are sharing the prototype robots named Chip that are always happy to help. The touchscreen in their chest will help direct you to stores that are having sales; they can also direct you to desired shops, and they are also built to help carry bags to your car.

While the initial reaction might be “that’s a bit neat” it most likely turns into “but why?” Just because the technology is there to make a robot to help you around the shops should it become a reality?

As a public relation stunt, it’s a dream come true because people will flock from kilometres around in order have a look at these robots. It’s also not a small industry with experts predicting that the robotics field is worth more than $180-billion worldwide!

Stockland’s group executive and chief operating officer, Michael Rosmarin told the Sydney Morning Herald, “This test case is just a glimpse into the possible opportunities for the future of retail in Australia”. He continued, “Our shoppers have already demonstrated their desire for a more tech-integrated experience through their adoption of new digital channels and tools. Properly leveraged, the capabilities of robots can enhance the overall customer experience.”

Would you be happy with more robot assistants in your shopping centre? Do you think that these are needed or are people relaying too much on technology?