Rental van mows down walkers and cyclists in NYC, killing at least six

NYPD officers respond to the incident on the bike path in lower Manhattan. Source: Getty

A pickup truck has struck and killed several people and injured many others after driving down a bike path that runs alongside the Hudson River in Manhattan.

Stories of the incident are just breaking. but a report by Associated Press said that a man in a rented truck drove onto the busy path near the world Trade Centre memorial. After hitting at least 15 people who were walking or cycling on the path, he jumped out of his car with what appeared to be two guns and was shot by police.

Several witnesses said they heard as many as 10 shots fired. The attackers guns turned out to be takes, AP reported.

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AP said that at least six people had been killed, as did CNN, while Reuters did not put a death toll on the incident.

All news outlets said police were investigating whether the incident was terror-related.

The attacker was arrested. 

New York’s Mayor Bill De Blasio was speaking live from a press conference shortly after the event, alongside Police Commissioner James O’Neill and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

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We’ll update this report as more information emerges.