Queen Elizabeth surprises shoppers at the grocery store

It’s one of the most routine places any of us could possibly visit, but Queen Elizabeth II could probably count on one hand the number of times she’s personally gone grocery shopping.

During a recent appearance in Poundbury, Cornwall to unveil a statue of her late mother, the Queen and her family took a detour to a nearby Waitrose grocery store to sample the local produce.

While she was happy to browse, her reception was somewhat better than the average shopper can expect: the royal family was treated to enormous free hampers of wine, whiskey and dog treats for the royal corgis. According to People, she paid a particularly keen interest in the cheese counter.

Online opinion is divided as to whether the below photos show a Royal Family member utterly out of her element, or simply a community leader being a good sport. For our part, we find these photos both surreal and delightful!

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