Princess Eugenie steps out with diamond ring on her wedding finger

The princess could be heading down the aisle.

There seems to be a lot of love in the royal family lately and it looks like Princess Eugenie may the next down the aisle after she was spotted wearing a diamond band on her wedding finger.

While many were hoping Prince Harry would be the next royal to marry, it appears his cousin may have beat him to it.

Eugenie has been dating her boyfriend Jack Brooksbank for six years now and there has been talk that an engagement announcement was on the cards since earlier this year.

Last night the pair attended an event together where Eugenie was snapped with a diamond band on her finger, which she tried to keep behind her back most of the time.

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Just a few months ago the princess took Jack to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen, with many speculating she was there to ask permission to marry.

Further fuelling the rumours is Eugenie’s father Prince Andrew who is said to be annoyed that his daughters don’t have the royal luxuries their cousins enjoy.

While both Eugenie and Beatrice enjoy royal titles, because they are not men they don’t get the same benefits as sons born into the family.

Andrew has reportedly asked the Queen that their future husbands be allowed earldoms so their own children will not be born as commoners.

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He has also asked for Beatrice and Eugenie to be given more permanent roles and royal duties so they can benefit more from their position.

The request is said to have caused tension between Andrew and his Prince Charles, who opposes the idea.

Would you be happy to see another royal wedding? Do you think royals should still get all the benefits in today’s society?