Prince Charles criticised for co-authoring book on climate change


If you’re a royal watcher, then you know that Prince Charles isn’t afraid to be outspoken on the big issues affecting the world we live in.

But his latest move has outraged some of his critics, who have accused him of risking being “too partisan” on the issue of global warming.

The second-in-line to the throne has co-authored a Ladybird book about climate change.

According to the Daily Mail, the book claims there is “overwhelming scientific evidence that largely man-made global warming causes catastrophic events” and uses the recent floods in Britain as an example.

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Ladybird books describes the book as offering a “bite-sized understanding”of a “challenging subject’”.

Prince Charles wrote an introduction for the book, and co-authored it with two prominent environmentalists.

In the past Prince Charles has spoken out about climate change, describing it as “an act of suicide on a grand scale to… flout nature’s necessary limits as blatantly as we do”.

But critics claim he’s merely “reflecting the view” of organisations such as the BBC.

“Prince Charles is sadly reflecting the view fostered by organisations like the BBC and others that anyone who exercises their critical faculties on global warming is beyond the pale,” former Government Minister Peter Lilley was quoted in the Daily Mail.

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While the climate change sceptics have been quick to jump on Prince Charles, others have praised him for contributing to the debate.

“Climate change is a very complex and difficult subject, and it’s brilliant the way he has distilled the arguments into this book. I commend him for writing it.” MP Sir Nicholas Soames was quoted in the Daily Mail.

So, what do you think?

Is it acceptable for a member of the royal family to be outspoken on an issue? Or are people right to criticise Prince Charles for this?