President Trump says airport chaos is not because of his ban

While the Trump Administration is touting their immigration ban as “a massive success story” and “seamlessly and with extraordinary professionalism” there are many that don’t think so.

Major airports have been rocked with people be detained while at the same time battling the hordes of protestors against the ban.  There have been delayed, and cancelled flights as confusion about the ban travel through the industry.  Many world leaders and major corporations like Google, Tesla, and NetFlix have condemned the ban.

According to President Trump though the ban had nothing to do with the airport problems.  He took to Twitter to say, “Only 109 people out of 325,000 were detained and held for questioning. Big problems at airports were caused by Delta computer outage,…..”

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He also stated that the ban had to be as swiftly implemented as it was.  He tweeted, “If the ban were announced with a one week notice, the “bad” would rush into our country during that week. A lot of bad “dudes” out there!”

President Trump says that this was all part of his plan, tweeting, “There is nothing nice about searching for terrorists before they can enter our country. This was a big part of my campaign. Study the world!”

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The 45th US President also had a swipe at the Democrats and media who opposed his ban saying “Where was all the outrage from Democrats and the opposition party (the media) when our jobs were fleeing our country?”

Australian Deputy Prime Minister Julie Bishop stands behind’s President Trump’s ban saying, “I’m confident that the Australian government and the US government will continue to support each other in ensuring that we can implement our strong immigration and border protection policies”.  She then added, “The Australian government is working very closely with the administration and the US officials and we want to ensure that Australians continue to have access to the United States, as they have in the past, and people from the United States have access to Australia.”

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