Poor Duchess Kate, she can't catch a break!

There has been a flurry of media reports about the Duchess of Cambridge in the past month or so, with some speculating that her marriage to William is on the rocks and accusations of flirting. The latest rumour, however, is questioning the relationship between the Queen and Duchess Kate, all because Pippa Middleton got engaged. 

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It looks like Pippa Middleton and James Matthews’ engagement is already causing a lot of problems for Kate Middleton and the royal family. In fact, there’s new speculation that Queen Elizabeth doesn’t approve of Pippa Middleton’s engagement, as she sees the Matthews family to be just as problematic for the royals as she sees the Middletons to be.

According to reports, Queen Elizabeth thinks Kate Middleton’s family have been trying to ride on her royal coattails for years now as Pippa Middleton, James Middleton and even her own mother Carole Middleton have done whatever it takes to stay in the celebrity spotlight.

And apparently the Matthews family is just as fame-hungry as the Middletons, with Queen Elizabeth worried about James Matthews’ brother Spencer Matthews. The ‘Made in Chelsea’ television star is known for his on- and off-screen scandals which have included drugs, alcohol and plenty of one-night stands.

The report suggest that the Duchess needs to steer clear from any Pippa Middleton and James Matthews drama, especially if it’s going to cause her problems with Queen Elizabeth.

Of course, the Duchess has no say in who her sister marries.

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