Greens leader roasted online for 'sympathising' with ISIS fighters

Richard Di Natale
Richard Di Natale spoke on Q and A last night.

Greens Leader Richard Di Natale has come under fire for appearing to sympathise with ISIS fighters during last night’s episode of Q&A. On the program, Di Natale said that ISIS terrorists were “good people” who made “shocking decisions”. 

The comments were in response to a proposal from Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, to strip dual-nationals of their Australian citizenship if there was evidence they had engaged in terrorist activities overseas.

Di Natale argued that it was better to allow foreign fighters back into the country and have them stand trial on home soil.

“Ultimately, I’d rather that person be prosecuted here and be incarcerated,” he said on the program. “Perhaps we should learn a little more about how we prevent those activities happening rather than giving somebody licence to continue perpetrating those activities overseas and putting other people at risk.”

Di Natale then went on to say that many Aussie converts had been brainwashed and manipulated.

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“Good people make shocking decisions,” Senator Di Natale said. “Somebody can effectively be brainwashed through the use of this propaganda.”

His comments sparked outrage on Twitter with many furious at the senator for describing foreign fighters as “good people”.

“Oh yeah…’good people’ who have been brainwashed. Has he met them, interviewed them? I think not,” one user said, adding, “Di Natale is a crass idiot, a threat to our country and its citizens.”

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Another Twitter user wrote: “Even the mere suggestion that ISIS jihadists, an avowed enemy, be allowed to return to Australia should be grounds for Richard Di Natale and his communist bedfellows to be prosecuted for sedition and treason.”

He added in another tweet: “You can always count on a communist to advocate a policy that favours Australia’s enemies and puts the lives of ordinary Australians in danger.”

Another user, who describes himself on Twitter as a proud “ozraeli”, wrote: “This is moronic, even for Senator Richard Di Natale.”

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What do you think about the Green’s Senators remarks? Do you agree with him or do you prefer Dutton’s hard-line approach?

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