Brigitte falls flat with her own people

The President of France and his wife Brigitte pictured just moments after Emmanuel Macron took office in May 2017.

It seems despite French President Emmanuel Macron’s desire to create an official role of first lady for his wife Brigitte, public outcry has put an end to any plans he had. 

BBC News reported that an online petition against Macron’s wishes to create a “real status” for his wife had gained nearly 290,000 signatures. 

However, Macron has been called out on his apparent hypocrisy as part of his campaign was based on stamping out nepotism in French politics following the investigation into his conservative rival Francois Fillon’s contentious payments to his own wife. 

In response to the public outcry over the scandal, Macron promised to ban politicians from employing relatives. 

But it seems the other shoe has dropped and Macron is now being criticised of the very thing he previously spoke out against. 

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French politician Theirry Mariana took to social media last month and tweeted: “At the very moment when he has forbidden ‘family jobs’ in Parliament … Do as I say, not as I do”.

Government spokesman Cristoph Castaner also posted a series of tweets on Monday suggesting the French President’s wife’s role would be clarified but no change to the constitution would be made.

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It translates as: “No modification of the constitution, no new funding, no salary for #BrigitteMacron. Stop the hypocrisy!”

Do you think nepotism at any level is wrong?