Anger after thousands of Aussies receive 'Vote Yes' text

Thousands of Aussies received the 'spam' messages on Saturday night.

Thousands of angry Aussies are venting their frustrations this morning after receiving unsolicited text messages from the Vote Yes to same-sex marriage campaign on Saturday night.

The text messages were sent from an unidentified number called YesEquality and contained a link to a survey asking people if they had voted yes yet.

It read: “The Marriage Equality Survey forms have arrived! Help make history and vote YES for a fairer Australia.

It is not known how YesEquality obtained peoples private phone numbers, but the website linked in the text is authorised by New South Wales MP Alex Greenwich.

People were quick to vent their frustration on social media with many calling the text an “invasion of privacy”.

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Even those who have voted yes to making same-sex marriage legal were angry they had been contacted.

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While the outrage was palpable across many areas of social media, some people thought it was an overreaction to a simple text.

“Imagine being upset by a text message after people have been marginalised, bashed and discriminated against for decades,” wrote one Twitter user. 

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The text messages are the latest in a string of controversy surrounding the postal vote.

The AFL was slammed last week for erecting a Yes sign out the front of their Melbourne headquarters, while numerous campaign rallies across the country have ended in violence.

The government has called for calm from both sides, imploring with the public to be respectful of both views.

Did you receive the text message? What are your thoughts on the vote?