Andrew Bolt accuses Malcolm Turnbull of trying to silence him

Andrew Bolt and Malcolm Turnbull have always had a tumultuous relationship.

It is no secret that Andrew Bolt was a big supporter of former Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

After Abbott was ousted by his party and replaced with Malcolm Turnbull, the new PM has had a complicated relationship with the media commentator. 

Last night on The Bolt Report, Bolt called out Turnbull for his “attempt to intimidate me or shut me up” in relation to comments made by Coalition MP George Christensen, who has demanded the PM to step down before Christmas.

Bolt also complained that Turnbull refuses to go on his Sky News show and claimed the prime minister went “behind my back to my bosses”.

“Malcolm Turnbull did that over the weekend not just once, he wants revenge because I last month reported a fact,” Bolt said on the program.

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“A Coalition MP who did not want me to name him would resign from the government if Turnbull was not sacked as prime minister this week. A threat like that is news. I reported it, it would have been strange had I not.”

Christensen told Bolt and a number of other reporters that he would quit if Turnbull hadn’t stepped aside by the time Parliament broke for Christmas.

His comments were meant to be kept private, encouraging Bolt and his panelists to spread the word anonymously.

Christensen confirmed his sentiment in The Australian admitting he was the one who made the statement.

“It was wrong to lie to you but I felt I did not want my name public at that stage,” he told this paper.

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“It was wrong though and I sincerely apologise for my actions. As it happens, events of the past week have changed everything.”

Bolt continued with his assault on Turnbull stating he refused to be “muzzled” by the prime minister.

“The prime minister now accuses me behind my back of colluding with Christensen to destroy him … and my boss should bring me into line. I have a message for the prime minister, first of all your threats will never work while I am here I will say what I think.” he said on his program.

“Prime minister, you can try and get my bosses to shut me up, you can get your media pets to attack me, you can do all that but voters will still know what they know and will still vote as they decide and you are destroying the Liberal Party.”

Do you think Bolt is out-of-line or is he spot on? Do you watch Andrew Bolt’s program?