Polish your furniture with this common food item

Photo: YouTube.

Is there anything better to use mayonnaise with than a sandwich? Add a dollop of mayo everything taste so rich and amazing.

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But did you know that there are more uses for that white glob? And if you think it’s only for eating, think again.

According to Hefty, It is an all-rounder around the house…

Beautiful solid wood furniture can quickly become marred, but thankfully mayonnaise can change that.

If you apply a small amount of mayonnaise and wait a few minutes, it should clear things up. It’s best to test this on a small area that’s not very visible first because not every type of wood responds the same. If it suits your wood type, apply mayo on it and start polishing with a cloth. Once you have polished your furniture, simply wipe off with a clean cloth and make sure you leave no residue behind. The oil in the mayo will help to condition the wood and bring it back to life.

Also, if you still have a piano with ivory keys, you’ll know how frustrating it is to have dirty keys that just won’t polish. Try applying a small amount of mayonnaise to the dirty spots. Wait for about 5 minutes before carefully washing it away with a cloth. You’ll be amazed to see your piano shine and enjoy the music once again.

Have you heard of this trick?