Plan that could end smoking has strong support in survey

There are calls for smoking to be banned for people born after 2001.

No doubt you remember your first time trying a cigarette as a teenager.

Whether you were 12 or 15, all of us have given it a go at sometime.

For some of people, it stuck. For others, it was something they never tried again.

But a new plan being proposed by the Cancer Council Queensland has been put to people in a survey and it’s certainly got supporters.

The proposal, which would ban your grandkids (anyone born after 2001) from buying or smoking tobacco, had the support of 58% of people surveyed in the Everyday Health Survey on Tobacco.

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According to Nine News, the survey was released yesterday on World Cancer Day.

If you’re a smoker, it might be some bad news for you. 

The survey found that most people supported the smoking bans currently imposed in Queensland and want them to go even further.

85% of those surveyed believe smoking within 10 metres of a child should be banned, and the same number also believe you should aged 18 or over to sell tobacco.

Meanwhile, 70% think smoking on apartment balconies should be banned and two-thirds are calling for a total ban on smoking in all pubs and clubs.

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Queensland has some of the toughest smoking bans in Australia, which hits the 12% of the population who smoke daily.

So, you might be wondering how many of those surveyed were smokers?

Well, apparently 5% of the 736 people surveyed smoke and half “wish they had never taken up the habit”.

It looks like the days of smoking being a socially acceptable and encouraged thing to do really are over!

What do you think? Would you support a ban on people born after 2001 from smoking?