Pet owners shamed for returning new dogs after Christmas

Innocent dogs are sent back to shelters after Christmas every year.

Dog owners who return their pets to animal shelters after Christmas shouldn’t be shamed for giving them up, UK charity Blue Cross says.

Every year thousands of people adopt or purchase a new dog for Christmas, but sadly many pups are returned because the new owners aren’t properly prepared for the responsibility of owning a pet.

While it can be difficult for a family to give up their new pet, it’s harder and much more confusing for the dog.

However, British animal charity Blue Cross told The Times, people shouldn’t be shamed for returning their dogs, adding that holding onto them out of fear of judgement can only make matters worse for the animal.

“If people can’t keep a puppy, the sooner they make a decision the better for the puppy and the better for them,” Mandy Jones, head of rehoming at the Blue Cross, said.

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“We really don’t want people to be made to feel guilty for that and we would never judge somebody who asked us for help.”

It comes after the animal rescue charity Dogs Trust released a list of the “most preposterous excuses” they received in 2017 from people giving up their dogs.

One person said their dog didn’t match the furniture; another said their dog wagged its tail too much.

Other excuses included, dogs that grew too big or shed too much hair, while another owner complained their dog didn’t like fancy dress.

The Dogs Trust said they received up to nine phone calls a day in the weeks after Christmas in 2017, from owners dissatisfied with their new dogs.

Animal shelters around the world see similar trends every year.

Is it wrong for people to get a dog without properly preparing? Or can you understand why people would want to return a dog if it wasn’t everything they hoped for?