People who have clinically 'died' and been brought back tell all

All of us, at some point, have pondered what it must be like to die. 

It’s the one mystery that no one has the answer to – we must make our way to whatever’s on the other side blindly. Or so we thought. 

There are those who have clinically died and been revived, or brought back to life, and they’ve shared their experiences on a Reddit forum. 

Their stories are just fascinating, and if you believe it, may take a bit of the mystery out of death. 

“When I was much younger (12 years old) I died from a full cardiac arrest,” user asinus_stultus wrote. 

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“This was at a high school football (American) game. I can only remember flashes of memories from a few hours before until 2 weeks after the incident. Riding in the back of our truck to the game, sitting in the stands with my mom, and how annoying the opposing team’s chant was. “EAGLES! <thump> <thump> SKYLINE!<thump> <thump>. Congrats Skyline in Salt Lake City, your chant was able to pierce the veil of Death.

I remember a lot of black which quickly enclosed like a shell into a tunnel. The tunnel itself was made of metal and looked exactly like the tunnel from Bespin where Luke ends up. I don’t think my mind could comprehend what it was seeing, so it filled in the gaps as best it could. The feeling was awesome though. Unless you have seen it, there really are no words to describe it. I think this is because I cannot convey the emotions and feelings to you. They are very intense.

I was dead with no heartbeat for a little over 4 minutes. This caused massive problems later with memory loss and other brain damage. My mother said I was literally crazy for about 2 weeks after this. I was constantly talking to the monk in the corner. That my cat was being tortured in the next room. That my mother had three eyes. I was a loon.

On the bright side, I had a full page article in both schools’ year books that year, so I got that going for me which is nice.”

OldBelgianSmurf drowned, and lived to tell the tale. 

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“I almost died from drowning last year and the experience changed me. I had been dead for an unknown amount of minutes. But they managed to pull me out of the water and revive me.

I do not know how long I was dead. They say it took 2 minutes to revive me on the beach.

But the experience of after death felt like a very long day. Basically all I saw was blackness, followed by many lights, lights became stars and stars turned into something I cannot describe.

I did not feel anything, nothing. But looking back, I feel like it was a very long day, very strange experience.”

While some users experienced complete euphoria at the moment of death, others don’t remember anything. 

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“I died twice in an ambulance while being transported from a motorcycle accident,” Traspen wrote.  

“The last thing I remember was my face hitting the hood of a car at 60 MPH (no helmet) and then waking up in the emergency room at the hospital. I say twice “in an ambulance” but it’s my understanding that I was actually dead when the ambulance arrived and then I died on the way to the hospital.

The time between the accident and the hospital is nothing… I mean absolutely nothing.”

“It was peaceful. No lights, no pearly gates, no angels, just peace. I was I a horrible car wreck and I had a blood clot go through my heart and I died for a bit. When I woke up everyone was yelling at me to breathe. I was pissed off because not only was I certain that I was indeed breathing, I had just been woken from the first quality sleep since my wreck. There’s nothing but peace and comfort on the other side,” wrote oleboogerhays. 

Some of the stories are quite comforting. 

What do you think happens when you die? Does it worry you?