People are outraged and it has nothing to do with the US Election

`The exit from the European Union by the UK was always going to bring some difficulties to the country, but we don’t think many were expecting this.

It is a comfort to dig into a bar of chocolate with many Brits loving the classic Toblerone. Many were shocked to find that the gap between chocolate peaks has doubled as the company states that the prices of ingredients have meant there needed to be a change.

Mondelez International, the company that makes the sweet treat, has been hounded on social media about the lack of chocolate in their Toblerone. They were forced to make a statement on their Facebook page which said, “Like many other companies, unfortunately, we are experiencing higher costs for many ingredients. We carry these costs for as long as possible, but to ensure Toblerone remains on shelf, is affordable and retains the iconic shape we all know and love, we have had to reduce the weight of this particular bar”.

A lot of the complaints were very “tongue in cheek” but were along the same vein as one Twitter user who wrote, “I am one of your biggest fans and love your chocolate, but I bought a 150g toblerone earlier only to be left upset disappointed and a little distressed!”

Another user added “I told you that leaving the EU would have serious consequences. Now I’ m really upset”!

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Some of the top experts in the Brexit fallout have also weighed in on the situation. Ratula Chakraborty, a senior lecturer in retailing at the University of East Anglia, told CNN, “The new gappy-teeth Toblerone is yet another example of shrinkflation, where shrinking pack contents allows for a backdoor price rise”.

What do you think of it? Should Toblerone just cut down the size of the bars and not made the gap wider? Is this a perfect example of a “first world problem?”