Pensioners getting a $200 million pay rise!

After the adjustments to the deeming rates around the pension last week, there is some good news for those pensioners who thought they would be worse off.

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Social Services Minister Scott Morrison has confirmed that the government would be announcing an across the board $200 million increase to pension payments this year. For the average person, this equates to about $80 per year better off. But this will only affect 700,000part-time pensioners.

This is also the first example of Prime Minister, Tony Abbott’s softer position after his near leadership spill last week.

This increase will also be on top of the indexed increase that is delivered twice annually.

While the government has made it’s plans to go after rorters very public, this is a good step in the right direction to regaining the faith of Australians and proving their commitment to helping those in our community.

Tell us, what are your thoughts about the increase? Do you think this is a start for the government to build a better relationship with the people? Share your thoughts in the comments below…